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Static Eye

Static Eye

Ka Xiong

  1. Apply eye base all over the lids

  2. Using Boss Babe palette, apply "Leader" into the crease slightly winging it out

  3. Apply "Profit" above the crease to blend out "Leader"

  4. Apply "Control" right under the brow going into "Profit"

  5. Apply "Bossy" to the outer corner of the eye, blending it into the crease.

  6. Using the cream concealer in Light, carve out a crease, only extending the line 3/4 of the way to outer corner and fill in the lid with concealer.

  7. Pat in "Superior" to the half of the inner corner of lid and "Fierce" in the outer half of the lid where the concealer is placed.

  8. Slightly blend the transition of each colour into one another.

  9. Using little black dress, line your lash line

  10. Apply your favourite lashes

  11. Apply "Leader" to your bottom lash line and complete the eyes with Motives Lustrafy mascara on the bottom lashes

  12. Apply Flawless Foundation in shade Latte as base, Chai as highlight and concealer, and Brulee as contour

  13. Set your foundation with Translucent Banana Powder

  14. Apply bronzer to the top of forehead, cheekbones, and jawline

  15. Line the lips with Motives Lip Liner in shade Neutral

  16. Apply Liquid Lipstick in shade "Savage" to the lips

  17. Complete the whole look by setting your makeup with 10 Years Younger setting spray

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