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A complete kit for expertly shaping, grooming, and defining your brows. The all-inclusive kit contains wax to sculpt the brows and two powder shades to create a natural ...

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Includes 1 Wax and 2 Powders
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A complete kit for expertly shaping, grooming, and defining your brows. The all-inclusive kit contains wax to sculpt the brows and two powder shades to create a natural look.

Get the Look:

Shape the brows using:  Essential Brow Kit
1. Apply Motives Eye base
2. Apply Motives Pressed eye Shadow in Vanilla to entire lid
3. Apply Motives Pressed eye Shadow in Cappuccino to crease
4. Apply Motives Pressed eye Shadow in Hot Chocolate to the lower lash line
5. Apply Motives Gel eyeliner in Little Black Dress in a cat eye sweep
6. Apply Motives for La La Mineral Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara in Black
7. Apply Motives Mineral Lipstick in Roseberry

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  • Astonishing powder/wax brow combination that is effortless to apply and provides striking gleam
  • Apply the smooth powder for striking color and follow with wax for brow-sculpting control with enhanced shine
  • Enjoy glamorous, shaped and sexy brows all day long

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How do I use Motives Essential Brow Kit?
Application varies based on the natural shape and fullness of brows. For naturally unruly brows, apply the wax first to shape and sculpt followed by powder to fill in colour for naturally even brows. For full, naturally shaped brows apply the powder first followed by the wax to set colour for all-day hold.

What is included in the Motives Essential Brow Kit?
Included in the Motives Essential Brow Kit is brow wax, two brow powders and a sculpting brush.

What if the included shades do not match my eyebrow colour?
If the included shades do not match your eyebrow colour, you may add Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in a colour that better matches your brows.

Does Motives Essential Brow Kit contain any beneficial ingredients?
Motives Essential Brow Kit contains vitamins C & E which provide antioxidant protection and hydrate the skin. Dimethicone and beeswax allow for smooth application of the brow wax and powder, ensuring your brows will look picture perfect. 

Is Motives Essential Brow Kit made from cruelty-free practices?
Motives does not conduct or commission animal testing of any finished product.


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by JenniferT

Eye brows

I haven’t worn make in many years and didn’t think I was interested in this until another UFO had a group of us over and showed me some of the products and let us try them! I now get my eyebrows waxed and love how my eyes look without feeling like I have make up on! I’ve even impressed my 15 year old daughter with my new facial routine (which is very quick still)!

Response from Customer Service:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for taking the time to leave your thoughts on the Motives® Essential Brow Kit. We are happy to hear you are pleased with the product.
Thank you!
The Product Information Team



Great wax! Make the powder darker for asians!

The description is not apparent but the third pan on the right is the wax item. The wax item is the magical product that helps keep eyebrow powder color on your eyebrows even through a day of massive sweating! A little goes a long way so try gently dab just a little from the pan onto your brush before adding more & it will last a long time! I have warm body (as opposed to cold; I’m warm all the time) but this wax still manages to stay on.

As for the color pans on left: I’m asian with deep dark black-brown hair & eye brows and the other two pan colors are too light so I don’t use them at all. That said, Loren, would you please make another set with the two colors deep dark brown and dark walnut brown? Thank you if can! :D

Response from Customer Service:


We received your product review of Motives® Essential Brow Kit and wanted to reach out with our thanks! We are so pleased to hear you are loving this product and are experiencing the long staying power our brow wax offers! Thank you for your suggestion regarding darker brow powder shades, we will consider this when working through future product development.

Thank you again for taking the time to send us your feedback!


by Pooi KeeY

Save my thin eye brow

I have thin eye brow and this eye brow kit really helps me in drawing a nice eye brow!


by Lim

Nice brow kit for beginner

Simply love this brow kit . Its dual tone create a natural looking brow , plus the gel is a bonus ! It helps to stay for the whole day . It is definitely my keeper .


by Susan and KenN


Easy to bring and use!